If you've been following along at home, you know I've set forth some guiding principles in my quest towards financial independence:  spend less, spend thoughtfully, live happier, stop working for the man.  I've decided not to cut every conceivable cost in doing this, but instead, to cut costs that are not bringing me joy while … Continue reading GOAAALS!

Returning to a simpler time

Funny how philosophical all this budget talk has become around the Greener Pasture$ household.  I recently wrote about the little things adding up to big spending reductions.  By focusing on these little things, all the ways in which we've unwittingly come to take modern luxuries for granted and, in some ways, become the blind, impulse-driven consumers … Continue reading Returning to a simpler time

The little and the large (or, death by a thousand cuts)

I've talked about reviewing past spending to get a sense of the biggest expenditure categories so we can target those.  It's easy to see how reducing spending on big purchases like home furnishings (which can run hundreds or thousands of dollars in one fell swoop) could lead to impressive saving results.  Same with other big ticket … Continue reading The little and the large (or, death by a thousand cuts)